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Make the world more resilient

Earn insurance premiums by backing risks

Re supports risk takers

Re is a global transaction layer for pure risk, enabling people, businesses and governments to navigate an uncertain future while they work towards creating a better one

Access to a global reinsurance market

Yield on staked capital

Access to returns from a massive and opaque asset class

Uncorrelated returns

Diversification into risks uncorrelated with equity & other markets

Member driven

An open & transparent transaction layer for pure risk

We cover a wide range of risks, from small businesses to transportation & cyber security

Modern mobility & transport risks

Natural disasters risks

Commercial satellites & space flight risks

Climate change risks

Agricultural risks

Cyber risks

Capital risk managements

Infrastructure risks

Financial markets risks

Build on Re

Re enables access and provides transparency into an otherwise difficult to navigate, yet massive market


Supply capital to back an index of insurance programs spanning multiple industries

Earn yield in USD/USDC


Supply capital and underwrite specific insurance programs with a domain focus

Earn yield in USD/USDC, as well as enhanced yield for underwriting risks


Cedants who submit insurance programs to be assessed and vetted for backing by Re

Earn ceding commissions for participating programs


Secure Re with a human eye. Must pass an identity check confirming they hold a CPA, Actuarial Fellowship (FCAS) or Associate designation (ACAS)

Earn USD/USDC for validating Coverholders and submitted insurance programs

Backed by some of the world's most notable investors

Build with us

Join our community and help us build the future of decentralized insurance